Snooze or Lose Foods

    The foods you eat can greatly affect how well you sleep.  Below is a list of foods that help sleep, and some foods that prevent sleep.

   Image  Foods that help sleep include fish, jasmine rice, tart cherry juice, yogurt, whole grains, kale, bananas, chick peas, and fortified cereals.

(eating well)

   Image Foods that prevent sleep include bacon, cheese, sugar and sweet foods, ham, tomatoes, caffeinated drinks, large amounts of any liquids, any greasy foods, and spicy foods.

   ImageAlso, any fruits with vitamin C (such as guavas, kiwis, papayas, oranges, and strawberries) help to keep you awake.  Therefore, when you need energy eat fruits with vitamin C, and don’t rely so much on sodas and energy drinks.  They’ll give you energy, but they will also fill you up and they are a healthy alternative.

(health 24)

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